Popular Power Nudge Features in Candy Theme Pragmatic Slots

In a Thursday press release, “Sweet PowerNudge” is the latest digital slot release from online gaming content provider Pragmutism Play Inc.

The game runs over 6 x 5 reels, and the symbols depict a variety of candies, jellies, and chocolates that require the formation of clusters of five or more adjacent matching symbols to cause victory.

A reel containing at least one winning symbol unlocks the Powernudge feature, which provides the ability to display new symbols at the top of the board and generate additional symbol combinations.

As quoted in the announcement, Fragmutist Play’s chief operating officer Irina Conides said, “Powernudge Technician is a very popular product for slot enthusiasts, as seen in previous hit games such as ‘Rise of Reporter Powernudge’ and ‘Guardian Robber Powernudge.’ 파친코

She added, “Based on this feature, there was the introduction of a multiplier reel that could dramatically increase wins in both basic games and free-spin rounds.”

The COO also noted that. “We’re also returning from the game to a successful candy theme, and the award-winning ‘Sugar Rush’ and ‘Sweet Bonanza’ are already using this style. The executive noted that the new title “provides features and mechanisms that players find in terms of ‘renewability’ and gaining potential.”

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