“Preliminary Mom” Park Chu-young…The round of 16 with the support of Taemyung’s “Kick-Kick”

Park Chu-young, who is six months pregnant, competed in the round of 16 in the fourth round of the KLPGA Tour “2022 Doosan Match Play Championship” (total prize money of 800 million won, prize money of 200 million won) at Radena Golf Club (par 72/6,350 yards) in Chuncheon, Gangwon Province on the 21st. 바카라사이트

Park Chu-young, who married a dentist in December last year, made a surprise announcement about her pregnancy at the event. Originally, he planned to participate until the Lotte Open next month, but he will temporarily suspend his player activities after this tournament.

Park Chu-young felt a change in his body since the last NH Investment & Securities Ladies Championship, prompting him to accelerate his application for vacation. The “Kkakkak” engraved on the ball marker is a birth name made by Park Chu-young’s husband with a duck conception dream.

Park Chu-young, who played in the game with a six-month-old pregnant body, clearly showed his slightly protruding stomach when he took a tee shot. Park Chu-young advanced to the round of 16 with three consecutive wins in the group stage.

Park Chu-young, who advanced to the round of 16, said, “I’m so happy that I made it to the round of 16. It’s a physical match from tomorrow, and I’m already worried if I can play 36 holes. I think I need to rest well.”

My resolution for the rest of the game is, “I’ve experienced it last year, so I know what to do, but I’m a little worried because my physical condition is different and I feel different.” “But I think I can withstand about 36 holes,” he said.

Aren’t you stressed out because of body changes?In response to the question, “I have a lot of worries and stress. I’m always thinking about how to make it easier to hit and swing.”But I think I just have to hold out as long as I can, and I’m holding out thinking that my mind wins,” he said.

Meanwhile, Park Chu-young, who advanced to the round of 16, was defeated by Lim Hee-jung by two strokes, allowing her to concentrate on giving birth.

Park Chu-young passed the group stage with all wins at the 2021 “Doosan Match Play Championship” and reached the final, but lost to Park Min-ji and finished second.

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