UK’s General Gambling Market Changes In June 2021

The UK’s online gambling market has undergone a period change from March 2020 to June 2021. During this period, regulators reached that conclusion through data.

Casino and Bingo facilities opened on May 17. The partial lifting of restrictions on COVID-19 has also affected land-based operators and online operators. An important aspect of the change was Euro 2020 which began on 11 June. These events always attract the most users, including inactive events.

The committee analyzed the period from March 2020 to June 2021 to see how the online gambling market is changing. 경마사이트프로

It should be noted that the UK regulator requires operators to have a gross gambling return (GGY), not a gross gambling return. Total GGY therefore fell 7% in May-June (nearly £496m). Despite some meaningful events during this period, the number of bets and spins decreased by 10%, but there were more active players because it increased by 4% from May to June.

GGY of online real event betting is up 1% over the same period, more than £242m. More active players (9%) started betting between May and June, and Euro 2020, which began on June 11, boosted market performance.

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