Reporter Sami Mokbel, who is in charge of the North London club for the British Daily Mail

“Dyer has not caused any problems outside the stadium, even though he is not a central role in all areas. However, a club source said there was a cold conversation between Dyer and Chairman Levi at the end of the summer transfer market.”

It was not mentioned what kind of conversation came and went between Dyer and Chairman Levi, but it is presumed to be a matter of his future. In the transfer market last summer, the club and Dyer were clearly different. Tottenham attempted to release Dyer, who was not preferred by manager Enze Postecoglou. With only one year left on the contract, it was the last chance to earn a transfer fee by selling Dyer. 파워볼게임

Dyer was in the opposite position. He enjoys playing soccer under Postecoglou and has burned his will to fight to secure the starting position. Eventually, Dyer ended up staying with the team. Contrary to Dyer’s wishes, he was completely behind in the starting lineup.

In the previous match against Aston Villa, Dyer started off from the bench even though neither Christian Romero nor Mickey Van Der Pen could play. Wanting to maintain a high defensive line, Postecoglou formed a center back with Ben Davies and Emerson Royal. The fact that he deployed players other than professional center backs to the center might have been insulting to Dyer, but Dyer is accepting his position.

This was attributed to his frank conversation with Postecoglou. “Postecoglou honestly conveyed his plan at the center back position to Dyer. Dyer highly appreciated Postecoglou’s thoughts,” Mokbel said.

Dyer is expected to leave Tottenham in the end, and timing is the key. Tottenham will organize Dyer in January to try to make some transfer fee profits and organize the weekly wage system, but Dyer is likely to prefer to leave on a free contract after this season is over. This is because it is easier to find a team on better conditions when transferring to a free contract.

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