Legendary Kim Kang-min’s “30 million won minimum annual salary”

At the end of the event, the last pick of the fourth round of the Hanwha Eagles caused a big stir. This is because the name of veteran Kim Kang-min, a one-club man of SSG Landers, was called. Officials from other clubs, who stopped trying to organize data, rumbled. It was a surprise pick that no one had expected.

All draft issues were focused on Kim’s future as if he were a black hole. For players who are expected to retire, there was a related mark in the comment section. However, Kim was not expected to retire due to the mark. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Immediately after the event, SSG said, “We did not expect Kim Kang-min to be nominated as he is a player who is under discussion about retirement. However, we could not include Kim Kang-min given the club’s stance, which excluded several players including Choi Joo-hwan from protection.”

A chaotic day passed. Hanwha moved the day after the draft. Sohn Hyuk, the general manager, called Kim Kang-min. He explained why he needed it.

Kim Kang-min visited the Hanwha team’s office on the afternoon of the 24th and met with Sohn. He was determined. He decided to extend his active career at Hanwha. He was included in the list of players on hold as a Hanwha Eagles player.

There was also internal self-reflection. Veteran singers Kim Kwang-hyun and Han Yoo-seom, who represent SSG’s pitching and hitting targets, protested through SNS. “SNS is a waste of life, but I should do it today. I respect people’s choice, but I don’t think 23 years should be ignored. Bye. It’s really cold today,” Han Yoo-seom said, expressing his bitterness. “Is this right? I’ll break into Kangmin’s house soon,” without hiding his discomfort.

SSG said on Wednesday that it will change Kim Seong-yong to head the R&D Center after holding him responsible for the recent appointment of coaches and controversy that arose during the second draft. It was a reprimand-tolerant personnel move. Kim eventually submitted his resignation and left the team.

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