“Sales more than Mbappe uniforms! Son Heung-min qualifies as successor”…Ligang Gonghomme lights up Lee Kang-in syndrome

The official website of French Ligue 1 said on November 30 (Korea time), “Lee Kang-in shirt of Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) is selling like hot cakes. Lee Kang-in’s name stands out more than Kylian Mbappe and Usman Dembele. Thanks to Lee Kang-in, Korean tourists continue to flock to the Parc des Princes (PSG home stadium). Paris is crazy about Lee Kang-in. Lee Kang-in received more uniforms than Mbappe.”

Lee Kang-in, who came to PSG from Real Mallorca, is rapidly settling down. He gained trust from Luis Enrique as he moved to various positions including left and right wingers and front wingers. Neymar, who had been showing off his close friendship, left for Saudi Arabia, but he showed off his exceptional chemistry with Kylian Mbappe and many other teammates, which helped him blend into PSG.

In addition to his skills, he has great marketing value. Lee Kang-in’s marketing value has attracted attention since his days in Mallorca. Local media in Spain have focused on Korean tourists visiting Mallorca. The heat of Mallorca continued to France. Paris, the home of PSG, is a city where many Koreans go, but as Lee Kang-in moved, more tourists went and reportedly spent money enjoying the game at the Parc des Princes. 안전놀이터

Luis Campos said he made great efforts to recruit Lee Kang-in. France’s “Le10sport” reported on the remarks Campos made at a conference in La Sorbonne, France. Campos said on the spot that he made a lot of efforts to recruit Lee Kang-in.

Rumors have long been heard that Campos continuously monitored his performance in Mallorca to bring in Lee Kang-in. At the height of rumors of Lee Kang-in’s transfer to PSG, Spain’s “Marca” said, “The general manager of Campos PSG has been watching Lee Kang-in all season. Lee Kang-in has become the most attractive player in Spain’s La Liga market. PSG has guaranteed Lee Kang-in a first-team position and an opportunity to play in the European competition.”

Recalling that time, Campos said, “I told him not to exceed a certain price in terms of economy.” “From a sports point of view, I really like Lee Kang-in. It fits perfectly the style the coach wants. However, I didn’t think that Lee Kang-in’s recruitment would affect Asian marketing,” he confessed.

France’s RMC Sports said, “With Lee Kang-in, PSG is enjoying tremendous popularity in Korea and is being of great business help. Lee Kang-in has emerged as a new popular player of PSG as much as Mbappe. Lee Kang-in’s uniform sales went beyond Mbappe and became a syndrome. Mark Armstrong, a PSG official, said, “All recruitments are made sports, but PSG has been making huge commercial profits since Lee Kang-in came.”

“Lee Kang-in was an unknown player in PSG. After leaving Neymar and Marco Verratti, Lee became a PSG dribbler along with Dembele, and is a player who will become a big asset in the Asian market. According to Armstrong, among PSG X (former Twitter) followers, Koreans are the second most after French and Americans. Korean fans who come to PSG’s home stadium reportedly increased by about 20 percent after Lee came. The team is seeing tremendous profitability,” he added.

French public broadcaster “Telebidgeon” broadcasted Lee Kang-in’s special broadcast for seven minutes. It highlighted how Lee Kang-in grew up in Valencia, played in Mallorca, came all the way to Paris, and how popular he is in Korea and Paris. As French public broadcasters deal with Lee Kang-in as a new cultural phenomenon, not a single star.

“Lee Kang-in has become a true superstar in PSG. Lee Kang-in is known to have fans of all ages, regardless of age or gender. Lee Kang-in is versatile, determined, and a popular player in both locker rooms. Manager Enrique said, “He is a player with many qualities and greed. He works hard both in attack and defense. He is hungry without losing the ball under pressure,” highlighting Lee Kang-in’s syndrome.

“PSG is benefiting from the existence of Lee Kang-in. He is a useful player for Enrique and has made PSG more popular than ever in Asia. Lee Kang-in has everything he needs to become a new star in Asia and follow in the footsteps of Son Heung-min, a national team star,” he said. Lee’s performance is getting better day by day. The more he does, the more interest in Lee Kang-in in France will increase.

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