Song Ki-heon (Wonju-eul), a member of the National Assembly of the Democratic Party of Korea, announced on the 6th that the Ministry of Education has selected the ‘Namwonju Middle School Multipurpose Room Renovation Project’ as a local education issue project for the second half of this year, providing a special grant of 760 million won.

Namwon Jujung had difficulty conducting programs such as indoor sports and events due to the deterioration of the multipurpose room. Therefore, it requested a special grant for education in the second half of this year from the Ministry of Education.

The project received momentum as half of the total project cost (1.46 billion won) was confirmed as a special grant from the Ministry of Education. Namwon Jujung will repair overall facilities and equipment such as the floor of the multipurpose room, roof replacement, broadcasting facilities, and heating and cooling facilities from the beginning of next year. “I have been communicating with the vice minister of education to resolve the issue of Namwon Jujung and convincing him of the need to reflect the special grant, and I am happy that it has been reflected 토토사이트 this time,” said Representative Song Ki-heon.

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