The 23-year-old Australian international student’s sweat, preliminary fifth starter ‘examine possibility’

Kim Hyun-soo graduated from Jangchung High School and joined the Lotte Giants in 2019 with the 28th pick in the second round of the third round. However, he transferred to KIA after a rookie season. At the time, when Lotte acquired Ahn Chi-hong (33, Hanwha Eagles), an FA, for a W5.6 billion contract for 2+2 years, KIA recruited Kim Hyun-soo as a compensation player. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

However, he was not impressive during the three seasons with Kia. He had one win and two losses with an ERA of 7.24 in 15 games in the 2020 season, and one win and four losses with an ERA of 7.88 in 17 games in the 2021 season. When his predecessor had a puncture in the starting lineup, he deployed the team temporarily, and gave him a chance as a bullpen. Notably, he consistently started at the end of the 2021 season.

With the start of the 2022 season, head coach Kim Jong-guk was appointed, and Yang Hyun-jong returned. As the starting lineup rotated without a break, there was no environment for Kim to have a chance. Then, Kim joined the military. Last year, he had a record of 3 wins, 1 loss, 1 hold, and 6.66 ERA in 17 games.

Sangmu has consistently sent Kim Hyun-soo as a starter this season. He performed well with nine wins, two losses and an earned run average of 3.84. He won the Futures League with most wins. Notably, he pitched in September with two wins and an earned run average of 1.69 in three games. He pitched in the early 140km range, but his slider and curveball were good.

“I am fortunate to be able to play in the Australian league and greet you through a video,” Kim said in a video during the KBO League ceremony. “Coach, coach, and many other staff members helped me and I received this award that would remain in my career. I love my family so much. I am grateful that KIA fans gave me a lot of support in the military as well. Based on my experience in the Australian League, I will try my best to be of great help in the first division as well.”

KIA needs to have more native right-handed starters. They are more valuable than left-handed ones. They need to have competitive edge to join the first team as five preliminary starters along with Hwang Dong-ha and Kim Geon-guk. To that end, it is important to have more practical experience and to send him to the Australian League. Kim Hyun-soo went to Australia like that after being discharged from the military.

He pitched in four games with no wins or losses in Australia, and has an ERA of 4.66 in nine ⅔ innings. He had 14 hits, five earned runs, seven strikeouts and three walks. He had two home runs. He lacked consistency, but it was not a bad thing, except for three hits and three runs in two innings against the Perth Heat on Sunday.

In Australia, what is more important than the result is the process. Even if he gets beaten up, he just has to fill in what he needs for the 2024 season. As he has plenty of free time in his league schedule, he can have time to think. Given the circumstances, he is expected to start at least one game against the Brisbane Bandits, which will be held four consecutive games including a doubleheader from Friday. He is hopeful for 2024 in Australia.

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