The black market continues to dominate

Yield Sec CEO and founder Ismail Vali said the illicit betting market still has power over regulated play,

“It’s troubling to see illegal gambling come close to our audiences and form the heart of the conversation and commerce of the Super Bowl,” Barley said. “With illegal brands accounting for nearly two-thirds of all bets on games, the challenge of shifting control from illegal to legal operators in the online betting and gaming markets is clearer than ever.”

He added that Super Bowl LVIII highlighted the need for regulated play, as illegal betting “threatens the integrity of the sports and gambling industries” and “hampers revenue growth, tax contributions and the potential for consumer protection.”

“Data post-Super Bowl 2024 highlights the critical need for integrated efforts to regulate, police and enforce the online gambling market,” Bali continued. 토토사이트

Regulus Partners noted that as part of iGB’s Super Bowl analysis, illegal publishers now account for only 19% of traditional betting participation. But it added that legitimate publishers channel only 45% of Super Bowl betting traffic.

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