The leaked video of Hwang Ui-jo, who was muddy… The soccer community is concerned about “another explosion.”

Hwang Ui-jo (31, Norwich City), a soccer player who became a suspect due to allegations that he illegally filmed sex scenes, has been temporarily excluded from the national team. In June, when videos and photos of sex that Hwang Ui-jo appeared on social media spread and he sued the distributor to the police, some fans expressed sympathy, saying, “Isn’t Hwang Ui-jo the victim of Revenge Porno (a crime that leaks nude photos or sexual videos of ex-spouse or ex-lover for the purpose of revenge?”

However, as the police investigation took place, the case turned into a mess. The suspect who distributed Hwang Ui-jo’s video was arrested on April 16, surprisingly, his brother-in-law, who had served as a manager. Hwang’s brother-in-law denied the allegation, saying, “My phone seems to have been hacked,” and Hwang also submitted a petition to the police, saying, “He is not the type to do so,” but the police dismissed his claim, saying, “There is no possibility of hacking.”

On April 18, Hwang was summoned as a suspect and questioned. He denied the allegations, and then replaced Hwang at a preliminary match for the World Cup between North Korea and China held in China on April 21. When the allegations were made public, soccer fans criticized that it is reasonable for a person who is a suspect in illegal filming to play for the national team.

When the victim said through a lawyer that Hwang Ui-jo filmed the video despite his refusal, Hwang’s side refuted the claim, saying, “The video was allowed between lovers.” At this time, Hwang’s lawyer disclosed some of the victim’s identity information, raising the question that he “actually committed the second offense.” The Korea Football Association said on the 28th of last month, “We have decided not to select Hwang as a national team member until the investigative agency has a clear conclusion on Hwang Ui-jo’s allegations.” Hwang Ui-jo must be “discharged” to return to the national team.

As Hwang Ui-jo, who was used as the Joker card in the Cleansman, dropped out of the national team for an indefinite period, the South Korean national team, which was seeking to win the Qatar Asian Cup in January next year, is also on alert. A soccer figure responded, “In the end, complicated personal life is the root of the problem.” In 2016, when Hwang Ui-jo was playing in Korea, a woman who claimed to be Hwang’s ex revealed that Hwang had interacted with several other women while dating her. “If I had experienced such a thing once, I should have paid more attention to privacy management, but I’m very disappointed,” A said. 토토사이트

There are concerns in the soccer community that other scandals may break out as well. Scams related to agents and other players in the entertainment industry are also spreading. “There are rumors that an overseas player sends DMs (a type of personal message sent on social media) to famous celebrities and idols, and meets with them at a high-end residence every time he comes to Korea,” a soccer official said. “These rumors may be exaggerated or false, but as similar rumors are circulating here and there, I am worried that if something happens, it will adversely affect not only the player concerned but also the national team.”

C, a soccer figure, said, “The chaotic privacy of soccer players is chronic.” There are many players who faithfully manage themselves, but there were quite a few cases where their personal lives were chaotic. “In the past, there were cases where overseas players got along excessively with local women, and even now, there are rare revelations such as ‘cheating’ and ‘encouraging abortion’ regarding various players,” C said. “Even if rumors or revelations are not true, the fact that such rumors are repeated is that they have not been able to have a smooth and healthy relationship with the opposite sex.”

What would it be like in other countries? In the case of England, the dominant soccer player in England, promiscuous personal life is regarded as just gossip. Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs (50), who played with Park Ji-sung, was found to have had a constant affair with his sister-in-law when he was a player, and Chelsea’s legendary player John Terry (42) was also found to have had an affair with his teammate’s wife. In England, where prostitution is legal, prostitutes often reveal nightlife of famous players, and such controversy did not affect players’ participation in matches or career paths after retirement.

However, he does not tolerate the addition of illegality to his chaotic personal life. Mason Greenwood, a rising star of Manchester United, was suspended from playing and training last year after his girlfriend exposed rape and assault. All related lawsuits were dismissed earlier this year, but Manchester United decided not to let Greenwood return to the team after investigating himself. He was forced to resume his career in Spain.

Antony (23), a Brazilian left-footed winger who Manchester United ambitiously recruited for about 100 million euros (about 142 billion won) last year, was also temporarily suspended from Manchester United following his departure from the Brazilian national team in June due to allegations of domestic violence. Since then, Manchester United has returned him to training after judging that Antony’s claim of innocence in police investigations has been fulfilled. A soccer critic said, “As the soccer market becomes huge, it becomes increasingly difficult for clubs to control and manage players like in the past as the financial resources, stars, and influence of players grow so large,” adding, “Korea is moving in a similar trend, and in the end, the key is how well each player protects his professional spirit.”

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