The Macau’s casinos rise on China’s New Year

According to the information, many tourists visited the Chinese administrative district. Combined with Macau-based players, the large floor generated significant revenue. However, statistics on VIP gambling returns are not very optimistic.

The celebration began on Feb. 19 and more than 434,000 people arrived at the Asian gambling mecca in one day.

As expected, most of the tourists came from mainland China, but Macau officials said the data may not be absolutely accurate because the rest of the visitors were workers or students. This makes the estimate of the number of visitors to the casino absolutely inaccurate.

According to prominent market analysts, last week was a really successful week. In a special note released on the issue, they said the casino has not been so crowded since Golden Week in October.

Market analysts went on to say that apart from the busy casino floor, China’s New Year celebrations brought another positive change. A minimum increase in bets has also been reported.

On weak VIP earnings, market analysts expect significant gains this week. In other words, they are confident that the last days of February will be really profitable and will revive the struggling casino sector in Macau.

However, they don’t think the satisfactory profits generated during the holidays will be enough to make up for the losses that local casinos have been suffering for two months. 파친코

Moreover, regardless of the positive figures reported last week, February will probably report an eighth consecutive month of revenue decline.

Market analysts said a combination of troubled earnings and the sharp decline reported over the past seven months was the cause. The Chinese president’s anti-corruption campaign is a key factor, but it is also worth mentioning the declining popularity of junket operators and the closure of several VIP junket rooms.

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