The sports community criticized the training of the Marine Corps, saying, “What era is this?”

However, common sense people in the sports community are criticizing the move. “This is a devastating feeling. We unilaterally made decisions and notified them without collecting opinions, and even ordered them to mobilize troops,” an administrator of a sports organization said. “What kind of era are we in now that we are mobilizing athletes for military-style training? We don’t care what the public will think or what the international sports community will think.”

“Marine training is a waste of time for national athletes,” one trainer pointed out. “I don’t think it will be very difficult for national athletes who have the best athletic abilities to train in the Marine Corps,” the trainer said. “Military training programs do not help the athletes improve their physical stamina, athletic ability, and performance. It’s just funny how they think it’s effective. The fact that they only come up with the idea demonstrates the level of the sports council.”

Critics say that the idea of strengthening mental strength through Marine Corps camps will not work until the 1980s. A professional sports team coach said, “The concept of mental strength has changed in sports. Now, the era of fighting spirit is called mental strength, which is the same as in the past. Now, it is changing in a way that emphasizes passion for goals, constant effort, motivation, and confidence. Marine Corps camps are an anachronism that reverses such changes in the sports world.”

Experts and people in the sports community have also criticized the sport through social networking services. “Today, when sports science is on the cutting edge, I don’t know why people go to Marine Corps camps to strengthen their mental strength,” said Professor Han, who is known as an authority on human rights in sports. 토토사이트

“The reason why athletes refuse physical training is because leaders who do not study at all are letting them do it recklessly,” he said. “Given that human rights violations in the sports world have been committed in a considerable way since ancient times by attaching ‘spirit,’ this is all in the same context. I really feel the sincerity of the commission.”

Another sports official also criticized, “He said he would give him a ‘dramatic training’ in this cold because his performance at the Tokyo Olympics did not meet expectations and only ranked third in the Hangzhou Asian Games,” adding, “Let’s go on a time machine to the old days when we emphasized only ‘mental power’ and ‘fighting’ without properly teaching tactics and personal skills to soccer players.”

“The doctors’ advice is to train athletes carefully and carefully because the risk of injury increases in the cold winter, but why do they have to train in a Marine camp? It’s amazing that they decided to send an official letter in a one-way manner without sufficient prior discussion,” he said. “What kind of world is it now? I lost because the official letter of the Korean Sports Association had a slogan of “worthful sports, respect for human rights together.”

A journalist wrote, “What kind of national security is the Olympics in the 1960s? What kind of national security is it? What kind of mental strength are you going to do with a medal?” and asked, “Do you mean you just have to win a gold medal even if you beat, abuse, and sexually assault athletes without human rights?” He criticized, “Drop the old-fashioned idea of building teamwork and mental strength through totalitarian military drills. Do you see the reality of failing to be a national team member or a professional athlete after only exercising during adolescence? Solve this real problem.”

Sharing a signature-collecting campaign against Marine Corps training, a sports mental expert wrote, “I am against the Marine Corps training of national team players.” Hashtags such as “Lee Ki-heung resigns,” “The athletes refuse,” “elite sports disbandment,” and “I will not cheer for the gold medal.”

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