Tottenham’s handling of things is crazy!…Werner’s second recruitment confirmed, monster center back born in 2002

Florian Flettenberg, who is known as a German transfer market expert while working for “Sky Sports” in Germany, reported on the afternoon of the 9th (Korean time). Tottenham and Genoa reached a complete agreement on Dragucine this morning.

Flettenberg also disclosed the details of his contract. “Tottenham has added bonus clause to its transfer fee of 25 million euros. Dragushin has signed a contract with Tottenham until 2029,” he said. 온라인카지노

Tottenham faced two challenges in the process of acquiring Dragucine. First, it was Napoli’s attempt at high-jacking. Neapolitan, desperate for Kim Min-jae’s absence, began to move wildly in the transfer window this winter, with Dragucine being the target. However, it seems that Napoli has failed to put in an offer to the level that Genoa wants.

As Napoli’s attempt at hi-jacking failed, Tottenham ended up racing to recruit Dragucine alone. It was a situation where Tottenham and Genoa had to reach an agreement. Fabrizio Romano, a transfer market expert and famous for his “HERE WE GO” reporter, said on Dec. 31 that “Tottenham and Dragucine have reached an agreement on personal terms for a long-term contract. They are negotiating with Genoa, as it turned out two days ago. Genoa wants 30 million euros (about 43 billion won) and Tottenham 25 million euros (about 36 billion won). Negotiations are not a problem for personal negotiations as he said they are ongoing.

Tottenham manager Enze Postecoglou had made recruiting a center back a top priority this summer. This is because it was not easy to fill the gap even without Christian Romero or Mickey van der Pen. With both players missing, Tottenham had difficulty playing the attacking football that Postecoglou wanted.

Originally, Tottenham Hotspur aimed for Jean Clare-Todivo, who is currently playing in the French Ligue 1 OGC Nice, but when Nice refused to accept the offer, they immediately switched to recruiting Dragucine and proceeded with individual negotiations quickly. Postecoglou demanded that the club handle the matter quickly in the upcoming winter transfer window. The reason why Timo Werner could be quickly hired by RB Leipzig was because of Postecoglou’s request.

As such, negotiations between Tottenham and Genoa seemed to go smoothly. However, there was another unexpected reef. Bayern Munich’s belated participation in the war. Munich also needed a center back in the absence of Kim Min-jae’s recruitment for the South Korean national team, and after watching several center backs, they contacted Dragoshin.

“Munich inquired about the signing of Dragucin to Genoa. A deal is not imminent, but negotiations are underway. Munich is looking to overtake the front-runners. Tottenham is leading the way in recruiting Dragucin and Napoli is also pushing ahead. Munich has also started a competition, but there is no official offer yet. There is no oral agreement, and I understand that Tottenham and Genoa are close to reaching an agreement on the transfer fee,” Flettenberg said.

Since Munich is a bigger club than Tottenham, and famous for not missing out once you set a target, Tottenham needed to be quick. Tottenham seems to have handled the transfer fee negotiations with Genoa quickly.

All agreements have been reached, but the final variable remains. “If Munich wants to have a chance to recruit Dragucin, it has to respond within today. There has been no official proposal yet,” Flettenberg added.

Born in 2002, Dragushin was raised by Juventus. He started blooming in Genoa, and showed quite good performance in Serie A. Last season, he led Genoa to promotion to the first division in Serie B.

If there are no variables in recruiting Dragushin, it will be possible to see Dragushin wearing a Tottenham uniform soon. Currently, Tottenham has Eric Dier to play if Mickey van der Pen fails to return in the upcoming match against Manchester United. We need to hurry to recruit him because time is running out.

If Dragushin is recruited, Eric Dier is likely to move to Munich. An agreement has already been reached between Dier, Tottenham and Munich. If Munich makes the final decision, the transfer will take place.

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