‘Wasn’t it 165 billion won?’ The actual transfer fee of ‘World Class’ Kane revealed by Munich’s chairman himself

Britain’s “Talk Sports” reported on the 7th (Korea Standard Time) that “Hennes said, ‘We didn’t actually pay such a transfer fee’ over the transfer fee that was known to the media at the time of Kane’s recruitment.” 에볼루션 바카라사이트

Kane is a world class striker in name and reality. Kane, a former Tottenham Hotspur Youth player who debuted in 2011, became a legend of the club by scoring 280 goals and 64 assists in 435 matches while wearing Tottenham Hotspur’s uniform. Kane also became the best striker in the world by winning various awards including three Premier League scoring titles, one assist king, and six PFA Team of the Year.

Although Kane has moved to an unfamiliar stage in Germany ahead of this season, his performance remains unchanged. The reported transfer fee is about 100 million pounds (165 billion won). Kane, who took the main striker position immediately after moving to Munich, is currently showing the best performance as he topped the scoring list with 18 goals in 12 league games and four goals and two assists in five UEFA Champions League games.

Kane also seems to be satisfied with his life in Munich. In an interview with global media outlet Four Fortunes, Kane said, “The atmosphere there is something special, and I have felt since then that it is not just temporary. The supporters in Munich are the most passionate supporters I have ever seen. Their fan culture surprised me from the beginning.”

Kane has been showing his best performance since the first season of his transfer. In fact, it turned out that he bought him at a lower price than what was known in the media. “We didn’t actually pay any known transfer fee to the media. We paid about 95 million euros (W135.1 billion) to recruit him,” Hohenes said in an interview with BR24. Although there was only a year left on his contract with Tottenham, it is clear that the transfer fee is not a waste considering Kane’s current performance.

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