WC Superstar! Sexy Icon Cho Kyu-sung, who even recognizes, “Beckham in Korea! Popularity is perfect.”

British media paid attention to the star of Cho Kyu-sung (25, Meat Whelan).
Britain’s “The Sun” reported on the 15th (Korea Standard Time), “Cho Kyu-sung, the main striker of the Korean national soccer team, has been called David Beckham of Korea in just one World Cup game,” adding, “He is now so popular that he cannot walk around on the streets without disguises.”

Cho Kyu-sung, who is taking on a new challenge in this season’s Meet Wallan, has started in 11 consecutive games since the 7th round. He has accumulated eight goals and two assists in this season’s league alone. He ranks third in scoring. In the 17th-round match against Vibor on Saturday, he scored multiple goals including a penalty kick, spearheading his team’s 5-1 complete victory.

With his seventh and eighth goals in this season’s league, Cho has risen to the third place in goal rankings. He has a two-goal gap with fellow leading scorer Nikolai Valus (Broenbue) and Aleksander Lin (Silkheborg: 10 goals). Cho, who has two assists, accumulated double-digit attack points in his debut season in the Danish league.

Meanwhile, Meat Whelan, who has won six consecutive games, has increased the number of points to 36 (11 wins, three draws and three losses). He is two points ahead of runner-up Braun Vu (34 points). After finishing this year’s game on the day, the Super Liga will take place again in February next year after a winter break. He is also perfect in Denmark in just one season. 메이저 토토사이트

Cho Kyu-sung emerged as a star at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. His outstanding soccer skills are also his skills, but his good looks have helped him a lot. From the first match against Uruguay, Cho began to draw attention due to his outstanding appearance.

In the match against Uruguay, Cho Kyu-sung played for about 23 minutes and recorded one shot, but failed to score a goal. Rather, his appearance became a hot topic of conversation rather than his skills. Female fans who saw Cho Kyu-sung’s good looks flocked to his SNS. Cho Kyu-sung’s SNS, which had about 20,000 followers, increased by more than 450,000 in just one day.

The uniqueness of the World Cup and Cho’s star quality are added to this. Cho also showed off his skills by scoring multiple goals in the second match against Ghana (2-3 loss). With such performance, Cho has more than 2 million followers on Instagram in just one year.

It has increased by 100 times since the World Cup. This was not the end. Many fans across Europe called for his love. “Cho became a sensation after he played against Uruguay as a substitute,” The Sun said. “He became a star after scoring two goals against Ghana.”

Cho Kyu-sung became the fifth man and second sportsman to appear on the cover of Vogue Korea with his sleek appearance and cool hair style, The Sun said. “In a recent interview, he said he had undergone a tremendous change after the World Cup and enjoyed it.”

The Sun, who called Cho the “David Beckham of Korea,” said, “Cho said that when he came to London as a member of the national team, people around him recognized him. He also said that even if he disguised himself, he recognizes him and comes after him,” and stressed, “With this star quality, Cho Kyu-sung has become more and more prominent as he scored eight goals in 16 games in the Meet Wallan League this season.”

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