Why only stretch without bullpen pitching?…Why is the starting pitcher so strong at home?

Yokishi recorded 11 wins, 2 losses, and a 2,29 ERA at Gocheok, his home stadium, in 2021. In the away game, he recorded 5 wins and 7 losses, showing particularly strong moisturizing at home.

He also started in the match against KT at Gocheok Sky Dome on the 8th. He pitched six innings with six hits and seven-year-old walks. He recorded his 65th quality start (more than six innings and less than three earned runs). 스포츠토토탑

After the inning, most pitchers take a break in the dugout and then go to the nearby bullpen or the edge of the dugout to warm up when the home team attack is two-out.

However, Kiwoom Yokishi looked different from other players. When Kiwoom players got one out of the attack, they got up from the dugout and stretched. I worked very hard on that, too. He flipped both wrists, turned both arms, and did a series of movements to relax the muscles on his own.

Because Yokishi’s stretching maintains a constant temperature compared to other stadiums due to the nature of Gocheok Dome, it seemed to control his condition with stretching rather than warm-up throwing the ball from the bullpen.

Meanwhile, Kiwoom’s reliable ace Yokishi achieved double-digit wins in three consecutive seasons for the 60th time in the KBO League history with 16 wins, 9 losses, and a 0.640, last year. In 2022, he has a 2.72 ERA with 6 wins and 4 losses in 12 games. As there are still a lot of games left, a double-digit victory is expected this year.

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