WKBL YouTube ‘Yeonnong TV’ has reached 70,000 subscribers, and an SNS event is also prepared

The number of subscribers to the WKBL Korea Women’s Basketball Federation YouTube channel “Yeonnong TV” reached 70,000. It also prepared an event to commemorate this.

Yeonong TV is drawing interest and influx of new fans through active participation, communication, and various contents of WKBL players. In particular, this season, representative players from each team, including Kang Yi-seul KB Stars, Kang Yoo-rim Samsung Life, Kim Ji-young Shinhan Bank, Park Ji-hyun Woori Bank, Lee So-hee BNK Som, and Jung Ye-rim Hana One Q, have been selected as Yeo Nong TV ambassadors to strengthen fan communication through new media channels.

In response, WKBL organized an SNS event with Yeo Nong TV Ambassador to commemorate the achievement of 70,000 subscribers. Participation in the event can be made through the event posts uploaded to the Yeonong TV YouTube community and Instagram, and you can leave a recommendation comment on Ambassador Mission that you can do with your fans. 파친코

The event will run until the 24th, and participants will be presented with WKBL sports cards 7 people and travel pouches 7 people as gifts through a lottery.

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