“You’re the king of badminton 女, but you got 70 points?” Ahn Seyoung’s scary perfectionism

Ahn Se-young (21) of Samsung Life Insurance, who had the best season this year. She won the Hangzhou Asian Games, the world championships, and the world championships, but scored a poor score against herself.

“I want to give myself 70 points this year,” Ahn said in an interview ahead of the 2023 national badminton team award ceremony held at the Benicia Hotel in Seosan, South Chungcheong Province on Tuesday. She has won 10 international competitions this year, only to be given a point that she has not failed.

“I could have given 80 to 90 points at the beginning of the season,” Ahn said. She won the title in women’s singles at the Jeon Young Open, the world championship, and the Hangzhou Asian Games, which boast the highest authority.

Notably, the Open Championship was the first championship by a Korean player in 27 years since the legendary player in 1996. Ahn became the first Korean player to win a singles title at a world championship. She accelerated the momentum and became the world’s No. 1 ranking in 27 years after the scandal. 사설 토토사이트

She also excelled in Asian Games. She won two gold medals including women’s team event and individual singles, and became the first Korean badminton player to win two gold medals in the Asian Games in 29 years since the 1994 Hiroshima Games. With her performance, she was named the Badminton World Federation (BWF) Female Player of the Year. Up to this point, she scored 100 points in 2023.

However, the injury was unfortunate. Ahn suffered a ruptured tendon in his right knee during the Asian Games singles final. Nevertheless, he showed off his fighting spirit and won the gold medal with a dramatic victory over Chen Yufei of China. However, he had to rehabilitate for more than 40 days due to the injury, and suffered four losses afterward. Notably, he suffered a come-from-behind defeat to Taizi Ying of Taiwan, with a 19 to 10 and 20 to 16 lead in the semifinal match of the BWF World Tour Finals, which is like a battle of kings in this season.

Ahn Se-young said, “In the second half, I can only give 50 points because I have an injury,” adding, “Considering this year’s performance, I should have recovered quickly, but it was really hard.” Tai Chiing, the opponent of the final semifinal, also said, “I don’t think Ahn Se-young is as agile as before, maybe because of his injury.”

“Thirty points is something that I couldn’t recover from my injury quickly,” Ahn said. “If I had won the King of Kings match, I could have given 95 points.” “I want to be perfect for myself,” Ahn said.

Still, she smiled at the brilliant performance of the Asian Games. When asked about the most memorable scene of the year, Ahn Se-young said, “I think it is the Asian Games gold medal scene that I aimed for the most.”

Now, Ahn’s eyes are on the Paris Olympics next year. “My biggest goal next year is the Olympics,” Ahn said, expressing strong commitment to winning the gold medal. “I want to earn 30 points next year, which I failed to achieve this year.” “If I stand here again next year, I will try my best to give 99 points.”

My physical condition is not perfect yet. “I will gradually improve my physical condition without thinking too much,” Ahn said. “Although I have schedules including the opening of the Korean national championship starting early next year, I will prepare for the Olympics as I think it is a process for the Olympics.”

There are no rivals. “Those players are improving, and I have room for improvement,” Ahn said of Chen Yu-fei, Tai Chi-ying, and Akane Yamaguchi. It remains to be seen how much Ahn will grade himself at next year’s accolade ceremony.

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